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The Best Kept Secret on the East Coast

"The best kept secret on the East Coast"

Claire Evanson-Ceppi


GLOBAL VILLAGE.  For most it is just a newly coined pop-culture phrase.  But, for a privileged few like Claire Evanson-Ceppi, the world really is just a friendly village through which she wanders gathering experience and inspiration along the way like eggs in a basket. 

Born in Curepe (Trinidad) on December 11 1963, she emigrated with her family to Canada at the age of seven. 

While in Canada, she auditioned and made the cut to attend a four-year Visual Fine Arts program at the Wexford Collegiate Institute of the Arts.  There nature was allowed to be nurtured and Claire’s innate talent and passion were shaped by the study of multiple media from life drawing to graphic layout and sculpture.  Her active student life involved set design for school theatre performances and naturally her work was featured at exhibits in loco.

In 1993 love and marriage brought her to the continent, first to Zurich (Switzerland) then to Ticino near the Italian border.  This is where she really fell in love.  Fully immersed in Italian art and culture, she found herself face to face with the works of the great masters such as Michelangelo and Da Vinci.  Inspiration was to be found at every corner and her move to the old world breathed new life into a seemingly stifled fire and she admits “my passion for art was reborn”.

A hop, skip and jump east took her to  Bali (Indonesia) where her horizons were broadened by exposure to its diverse art forms such as contemporary stone carving, beautifully intricate wood carvings, not to mention traditional wayang puppets.

Her stroll through the global village has now made full circle.  Nearly three decades later she returned to the west indies and as of 2000 has been living on the island of Tobago along with her husband Fabrizio and their 4 dogs:  Punto, Piega, Contessa and Conte.

Locally her work has been on show at The Art Gallery (Lowlands, Tobago) specifically at an exhibit in 2008 entitled “Il piccolo quadro”.

Her preferred media is pencil, with a penchant for charcoal, and sculpture. She has recently been dabbling in oil and acrylic.

She currently draws inspiration from her Trinbagonian surroundings including friends, family and local personalities like “So’ foot Sam.


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